My Flight Pack


The two main culprits of jet lag and travel fatigue are a misaligned circadian rhythm (also known as your sleep/wake cycle) and dehydration. Most travellers associate jet lag with a general sense of being tired, which in turn is blamed on a dysfunctional circadian rhythm.

Many don't realise that dehydration both intensifies the general feeling of jet lag and is the main reason travellers experience other side effects, such as loss of concentration and short term memory, mood swings, dry eyes, dry or oily skin, swollen hands, feet and ancles, headaches and more.

While the a misaligned circadian rhythm is mostly due to travelling across timezones, dehydration is instead the result of spending several hours in the low humidity, low pressure environment that you find in an airplane cabin.



My flight pack is a hydration system that helps you combat dehydration in the desert like aircraft environment. The three step solution not only keeps you hydrated, but also helps you sleep and wake up at the right times, so you can be ready to rock and roll at arrival.

What's inside the box:

  • 1 PREP hydration
  • 1 REST hydration
  • 1 WAKE protein rehydration
  • 1 reusable, collapsible, light weight soft flask. (dishwasher safe)

Once you have the bottle, don't forget to top up with the My Flight Pack refills.

How to use My flight pack:

Each sachet is mixed with 500 ml of water and consumed pre, during and After/at the end of the flight - depending on the departure and arrival times.

Details on flight lengths and packs:
Each pack is good for one long haul flight like USA - Europe or across the US.

We recommend one pack for a flight up to 8 Hours, if your flight is longer we recommend that you purchase the ERW active HYDRATION, to top up with during the flight when you are thirsty. It is also important to keep hydrating after arrival, to get back in shape as fast as possible.

Always aim to get into arrival time as fast as possible, so if you are landing in NYC at 10am, you want to aim to sleep in the beginning of the flight. This means that you should NOT have a long nights sleep prior to a flight like this, in order to be able to fall asleep on the plane faster with the help of our REST formula. Then at Arrival take the WAKE formula to get going.

For long haul flights with layovers and many stops:

If the total duration of the trip is more than 16 H We recommend two boxes in total. You want to aim for the new local time making sure to ease into it - please read the example beneath. Not all flights are the same, especially with the layovers.

Beneath two examples of VERY long flights with layovers from Denver to Cape town and back.


2 x my flight pack!

Leave Denver 17:30, arrive in Frankfurt at 11:00 local.

Total Flight time 9h 35m:

PREP: at the airport prior to boarding

REST: after your meal (don’t drink coffee or extra sugary drinks) - sleep until you land - try and sleep over breakfast, and eat that at the airport.

WAKE: first thing at after you get out of the plane.

Layover in Frankfurt for 11 hours (!!) 

You want to stay awake for this entire layover. 

Exercise, walk - keep moving. Get your blood circulation going. If you have time, check out and walk around and explore - tire our selv out, whilst moving.

Eat light meals, veggies, eggs, fish, drink coffee if you feel like it. - stay hydrated during this time.

 stay away from high sugary things and fatte heavy meaty things.

Leave Frankfurt 22:15, arrive in Cape Town 10:00 local.

Total Flight time 11h 45m

PREP: Drink after take off.

REST: after you meal.

Sleep until breakfast is served, have a coffee.

WAKE consume at arrival.

This should get you there with the best adjustment of time and at the same time staying well hydrated.

Depending on how long your stay in Cape Town is, you could bring an extra flight pack to help you get into the sleep and wake rhythm the day of arrival, since this is a brutal trip for your body and mind.


2 x my flight pack

On this day, sleep as long as you possibly can before you go to the airport.



Leave Cape Town 18:20, arrive in Frankfurt 05:25 local.

Total flight time: 12h

PREP prior to boarding.

Take a small  2-3H nap after your meal.

WAKE:  after your nap.

Stay awake for the remaining flight. Turn on your reading lamp and get up and move as much as possible. Seek bright lights too.

Layover in Frankfurt 5 hrs, 40 min

Stay awake and move around, eat a good breakfast, 

Avoid coffee 3 H before boarding.

PREP 1 hour before boarding.

Leave Frankfurt 11:05, arrive Denver 13:30 local.

Total flight time: 10h 15m

REST - straight after take off

WAKE - After breakfast


Remember, aim for getting into the destination zone as soon as possible, the better the result.

Save travels.